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Wisconsin | ABCE


Johnson Controls’ is helping plug-in electric vehicle batteries last longer than ever before.

By matching a substantial investment from EERE, Johnson Controls has developed new lithium-ion battery cell technology with unprecedented energy density capacity and commercialized it for broad use in plug-in electric vehicles. We’re now expanding on the technology to improve the efficiency of lithium ion battery cell manufacturing processes and continue to reduce the costs of their production.

Continued DOE support over the next several years can level the playing field between the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle industry and the gas-powered vehicle industry.

Partners: Johnson Controls

Benefits: Developments to lithium ion battery manufacturing is improving battery efficient and cost-effectiveness.

Eaton Corporation is proud to have put EERE resources toward the development and successful commercial deployment of Motor Insight, an electric motor overload and monitoring solid-state relay.

Motor Insight helps manufacturers save up to 84% on installation and infrastructure costs and avoid unexpected – and in some cases, even planned — maintenance.

The DOE-backed product is helping manufacturers achieve success by keep their operations functional, efficient, and cost-effective, while also contributing to the more than 76,000 jobs that make up Wisconsin’s clean jobs economy.

Partners:  Eaton Corporation

Benefits: Motor engine monitoring technology helps manufacturers save up to 84% on installation and infrastructure costs.