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Texas | ABCE


Two major obstacles to the adoption of wave energy are storm damage threats and relatively high electricity costs. But with EERE’s financial support, Atargis Energy had the opportunity to develop and test a leading-edge wave energy conversion machine – the Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter — that can withstand strong storms and deliver cost-competitive, clean electricity to coastal communities.

Prototype testing at Texas A&M’s Offshore Technology Research Center, made possible through the cooperative agreement with DOE, showed an eventual 95% wave-to-electric power conversion efficiency. As its work progresses, Atargis aims to make wave energy the cheapest available among renewables.

Partners: Atargis Energy

Funding: $400,000

Benefits: Resilient and cost-competitive wave energy conversion. Atargis working to demonstrate world’s first fully submerged wave energy converter system with 70% efficiency and cost below $0.14 per kilowatt hour.