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Nevada | ABCE


Air Products has continued to prosper fifteen years after its first DOE-funded project, a hydrogen generator used in the world’s first integrated hydrogen energy station in Las Vegas. The firm built upon that technology to deliver a turnkey hydrogen fueling station at Penn State that could support a 160 fuel cell vehicle fleet.

Since then, Air Products has been able to expand into small-scale commercial hydrogen generator units that offer a cost-effective and reliable hydrogen supply for a wide variety of applications. DOE support played a crucial role in Air Products’ success, and is unquestionably a key driver in Nevada’s growing clean energy sector.

Partners: Air Products

Benefits: Advanced hydrogen energy generation technology expands use of clean hydrogen fuel to projects in Las Vegas and at Penn State University.

With the low-interest loan from Nevada State Office Of Energy’s Revolving Loan Fund, Nevada Controls hired two new employees to help construct the Kingston Creek Project. Using an existing mountain stream and power line, we constructed a 175 kW hydroelectric plant with enough generation capacity to power almost 100 homes.

The NV Office of Energy gave Nevada Controls the opportunity to provide the Kingston community with clean, sustainable, and reliable energy.

Partners: Town of Kingston, Nevada

Funding: $448,000

Benefits: Hydropower project produces enough electricity to annually power nearly 100 typical American households.

ElectraTherm applied its $1 million EERE investment to develop plug-and-play technology that enables geothermal fluids, a gold mining byproduct, to generate electricity.

ElectraTherm’s method is highly resourceful, as using geothermal brine from existing mines is free and readily accessible. This electricity emits no pollution and costs less than 6 cents per kilowatt hour. The technology is applicable to a number of industrial markets, generating job growth and economic benefits across several sectors.

Partners: Electratherm

Funding: $1 million

Benefits: Cost-free geothermal brine brings an additional revenue stream with broad applications nationwide.