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Support from the Vehicle Technology Office was critical to the creation of UQM’s new motor design, which removes the need for rare earth metals in hybrid and electric vehicle motors.

Most plug-in electric vehicle motors require expensive, unpredictably priced rare earth magnets that are in diminishing supply — that’s why our patent will help keep electric motor prices stable and more affordable than ever before.

Non-rare earth based motors benefit our economy, environment, and energy independence too, since they are more reliant upon domestic resources. UQM’s new motor design performs as well as rare earth motors, and is a huge step toward making plug-in electric vehicles as affordable as conventional, gas-powered ones. With a $2.6 million VTO investment, UQM is collaborating with several National Labs to improve, iterate, and test our new design.

Past EERE support enabled UQM to launch manufacturing lines capable of building 20,000 units of electric motor and power electronics each year, leading to supply agreements with vehicle technology and energy management businesses across the globe.

Partners: UQM Technologies

Benefits: Motor design for plug-in electric vehicles eliminates the need for potentially cost-prohibitive rare earth metals in construction.

An EERE-supported agreement brought together Emerald Biofuels, Fulcrum Energy, and Red Rock Biofuels to provide Department of Defense facilities with cost-competitive, renewable biofuels.

The BETO award helped construct a state-of-the-art biorefinery that bolsters the United States’ leadership role in the global clean energy market. The biorefinery — which supports several hundred full time technical and construction jobs — can convert municipal solid waste, wood-based biomass, and oil waste into more than 100 million gallons of biofuels each year.

Partners: Emerald Biofuels, Fulcrum Energy, and Red Rock Biofuels

Benefits: Advanced biorefinery operation can convert municipal solid waste, wood-based biomass, and oil waste into more than 100 million gallons of biofuels each year.

Composite Technology Development is a proud recipient of EERE investment to progress geothermal energy extraction technology. EERE’s support is behind several advancements that have boosted the company’s business.

Composite has enhanced the energy production capacity of geothermal reservoirs with strategic application of advanced polymer materials that were developed with the help of EERE funds. New electronic monitoring systems have higher heat and pressure tolerance than existing systems, improving monitoring of geothermal projects. Finally, Composite has been fortunate enough to pilot a commercial manufacturing plan for high-performance wire insulation material that endures extreme conditions.

With these new high-performing manufacturing tools, geothermal operations are becoming cheaper and more widely-implemented.

Partners: Composite Technology Development, Inc.

Funding: $3.3 million

Benefits: To reduce the cost of EGS operations, DOE and Composite Technology developed pilot-scale high-temperature manufacturing tools for harsh downhole geothermal environments.

Two major obstacles to the adoption of wave energy are storm damage threats and relatively high electricity costs. But with EERE’s financial support, Atargis Energy had the opportunity to develop and test a leading-edge wave energy conversion machine – the Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter — that can withstand strong storms and deliver cost-competitive, clean electricity to coastal communities.

Prototype testing at Texas A&M’s Offshore Technology Research Center, made possible through the cooperative agreement with DOE, showed an eventual 95% wave-to-electric power conversion efficiency. As its work progresses, Atargis aims to make wave energy the cheapest available among renewables.

Partners: Atargis Energy

Funding: $400,000

Benefits: Resilient and cost-competitive wave energy conversion. Atargis working to demonstrate world’s first fully submerged wave energy converter system with 70% efficiency and cost below $0.14 per kilowatt hour.