State Benefits from Federal Clean Energy Investments

The Department of Energy (DOE) is the largest funder of clean energy innovation in the United States. Federal Investments in clean energy and energy efficiency technologies have been integral to our nation’s efforts to drive down the cost of solar, wind and energy efficiency technologies. Investing in clean energy and efficiency supports a strong, skilled labor force, makes U.S. companies more competitive in the global technology market and helps millions of Americans save money on their energy bills while also protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions. See below for maps illustrating national clean energy jobs as well as investments made through the Department of Energy with national benefits like lower utility bills, increased efficiency and entrepreneurship from targeted public support for science and technology.

Immediately below is an interactive map (zoom in on and select specific states for further information) laying out clean jobs and investments for certain programs administered by DOE. Once you have clicked on a state you can select "State Detail Page" to go to a state specific page with further details on clean energy investments and success stories from each state. Below the interactive map are a series of other national maps showing specific benefits from DOE research programs.