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State Benefits from Federal Clean Energy Investments | ABCE

Success Stories from Federal Clean Energy R&D Investments

The federal government through the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Agriculture, EPA and other agencies is the largest funding source of technology and clean energy innovation in the United States. Funds are awarded through competitive and thorough vetting processes across agencies and are meant to connect cutting edge research done through our National Labs and universities across the nation to entrepreneurs, start ups and established companies - to ensure that America continues its leadership at the forefront of global tech and energy leadership. In particular, federal Investments in clean energy and energy efficiency technologies have been integral to our nation’s efforts to drive down the cost of solar, wind and energy efficiency technologies. These investments support a strong, skilled labor force, makes U.S. companies more competitive in the global technology market and helps millions of Americans save money on their energy bills while also protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions. See below for maps illustrating national clean energy jobs (by state) as well as investments made through the Department of Energy with national benefits like lower utility bills, increased efficiency and entrepreneurship from targeted public support for science and technology.